Thursday, July 8, 2010


My sous challenged me to come up with a dessert that is made out of green capsicum.

Well, he is asking a commis 3 with wild ideas. Hah, i wish i have the money to get the equipments and ingredients to make all this "way too ambitious" dessert idea. Anyway, it's good to be ambitious. Walk the talk i'd say, gimme the moolah.

So yea, i've got this idea when i was about to sleep and i was craving for Solero Shots.

Think of Frozen Mojito and Green Capsicum ice cream, imagine a dessert that is served on flavored ice.

I don't know whether this works or not but what the hell, i'll give it a try one day.

Green Capsicum and Pink pepper ice cream serves on the rocks' of lime leaf mojito in a form of frozen mojito caviar (something like solero shots)

You have to imagine, use your wildest ideas, think way outside the box. Visualize!

Lime leaf mojito solero shots - it will be quite mild i think because it's freezing cold.

Individually Quick-Freeze Caviar

Consisting of aged dark rum, kaffir lime leaves, gula melake or nisa kelate, lime juice and calsic algin? or whatever that thing is called to make the juice caviar or whatever. Hahaha, i'll find out!

Muddle run, lime leaves, lime zest, lime juice and nisa together. Make caviar, campak dalam nitrogen then Tada! Solero Shots of Lime Leaves Mojito!

Make ice cream out of green capsicum and pink peppercorns and serve it on the solero shots; literally on the rocks. Hahahaha.


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